Step 1 – Contact APA Pilotage Operations Manager & Provide Details

As soon as practicable after MCTS notification1, contact APA Pilotage Operations Manager (working hours) (902) 426-6389 or (902) 476-4719 or dispatcher (902) 426-7610 / 7609 (Halifax Pilots, all other Pilots call 1-877-272-3477):

  • Basic details of the incident: what, where and when (APA does not require information on how the incident occurred unless the pilot has information relating to an apparent equipment casualty)
  • Whether or not the pilot requires APA assistance (e.g. relief pilot)
  • Professional assessment on whether there is any pollution or threat of pollution or other apparent consequences for Marine Safety, Security and or the Environment
  • The pilot’s initial intentions/recommendations

Step 2 – Contact Canadian Merchant Service Guild

Dartmouth: (902) 466-5622; St. John’s: (709) 722-1615; elsewhere and after hours: 1 866 427-4477.

Step 3 – Refer Media to APA

Do not provide statements or give interviews to media or third parties. Refer media to APA.

Step 4 – Keep a Running Log

Keep a running log (facts only – no speculation) on a best effort basis:

  • What happened (both events and actions leading up to the incident)?
  • Are there any apparent consequences for Marine Safety, Security and or the Environment?
  • What has been the ship’s response to events thus far?
  • What has been the APA pilot’s response to the situation?
  • What resources does the ship have at its disposal to deal with the consequences of the incident?

Step 5 – Provide Additional Info If Required

APA may request clarifying information for the purpose of gathering amplifying facts after the initial report, which will allow the APA to better respond to the situation.

1If requested, the pilot would normally assist the master in making the required occurrence notification to Marine Communications and Traffic Services.

The full APA Incident Management Plan can be found here.