Welcome to the Atlantic Pilotage Authority

The Atlantic Pilotage Authority (APA) is a Federal Crown Corporation responsible for providing marine pilotage service to Atlantic Canada. The APA was established in 1972 by the Pilotage Act, with the following objective:

"to establish, operate, maintain and administer in the interests of safety an efficient pilotage service". (Pilotage Act, Section 18)

The APA continues to work with ports, the shipping industry, and other stakeholders to provide the safest and most efficient marine pilotage service possible to Atlantic Canada.

Pilot Boarding Ship

Throughout history and up to the present day, the diverse and challenging coastline and waters of Atlantic Canada have defined the character and development of the region. Marine pilots have played a major role in this development in the past, and continue to do so today.

The Atlantic Pilotage Authority (APA) provides a valuable and necessary service to the marine community in Atlantic Canada. The highly skilled marine pilots employed by the APA make a vital contribution to the protection of the environment, to safeguarding the lives of mariners, and to preserving and promoting the economic wellbeing of ports in Atlantic Canada.

Tariffs & Regulations

The Pilotage Act requires that pilotage tariffs be fixed at a level that permits the Authority to operate on a self-sustaining financial basis, and that the tariffs set be fair and reasonable. The goal is to have each area become financially self-sufficient to eliminate cross-subsidization among ports.

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Ordering a Pilot

To order a pilot, please contact the Atlantic Pilotage Authority Dispatch Centre at 1-877-272-3477 or e-mail

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