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Ordering a Pilot

Atlantic Pilotage Authority Ordering a Pilot

Order for Pilots Can Only be Accepted From

  • (1) Ships' Masters
  • (2) Ships' Agents or their accredited representatives.
  • (3) Ship Owners

Pilots May be Ordered by


Download Pilot Order Form (pdf version)


Full details of the notice required at the various areas are given in Annual Notice to Mariners No. 23

When calling dispatch it is of great help if the Dispatcher knows at the outset what type of call is coming in such as "a new order" or "a change in an existing order". To place a new/original order please follow the guideline for information needed as follows:

For A New/Original Order

  • (1) Port
  • (2) Vessel Name and Call Sign
  • (3) Date and Time of Assignment
  • (4) Type of Order - ie Trip, Move, Trial Trip etc
  • (5) Draught
  • (6) Length/Breadth/Moulded Depth
  • (7) GRT
  • (8) Air Draught (if applicable)
  • (9) Certificate Number (if applicable)
  • (10) Agent Name
  • (11) Caller's Name
  • (12) Taxes: Refer to page 1.5
  • (13) Special Instructions