Compulsory Areas

Compulsory Areas


Compulsory Areas - Halifax

Vessels transiting Halifax Harbour Narrows must indicate air draft.

Once a 5 hour tentative order has been placed the time may be changed twice, with the understanding that the second change must either be a confirmation or a new 5 hour order.

If the vessel has not departed/moved within ONE HOUR of the time for which the pilot is ordered, the pilot will report to the dispatch office. He may then leave the vessel or be assigned to another vessel. Another pilot will be dispatched to the vessel as soon as one becomes available.

Compulsory Pilotage Area Pilot Boarding Station First ETA UTC (Hours) Confirm or Correct ETA (Hours) Departure / Movage Local Time (Hours) Pilot Boat R/T Channel No.
Consists of all the navigable waters within a line drawn from Chebucto Head at a position Latitude 44° 30' 05" N., Longitude 63° 31' 12" W., to Hartlen Point at a position Latitude 44° 35' 20" N., Longitude 63° 27' 07" W. 44°31'24"N
12 3

12 - Estimate

5 - Tentative

1.5 - Confirm

For vessels of more than 40,000 summer deadweight tons, loaded with Crude or Black Oil and destined for the Imperial Oil Refinery 44°29'00"N
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