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Christening of Atlantic Pilot

Christening of Atlantic Pilot

November 2007

On November 15th, 2007, the "Atlantic Pilot", was christened in Halifax by Mrs. Debbie Aldrich, wife of Brad Aldrich, President and Refinery Manager at the North Atlantic Oil Refinery in Come-by-Chance, NL. The "Atlantic Pilot" joined her sister vessel "Avalon Pilot" in Placentia Bay, NL by the end of November.

These vessels feature a hull design by Camarc Ltd of the United Kingdom, with the remaining design work completed by Lengkeek Vessel Engineering (LVE) of Dartmouth, NS. The construction is by the A.F. Theriault & Sons Ltd, a shipyard located in Meteghan River, NS. Each vessel is being built to Lloyd's Classification Standards, with the project management undertaken by LVE.

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