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Christening of Avalon Pilot

June 2007

Christening of Avalon Pilot Avalon Pilot at Sea Trials

The Authority was honoured to have the "Avalon Pilot" christened on June 1, 2007, by Ms. Heather Skanes, wife of Mr. Paul Adams, President of Newfoundland Transshipment Limited (NTL). The NTL terminal is located in Placentia Bay, NL, and is specifically designed for the storage and transshipment of oil from the Hibernia and White Rose offshore oil fields.

The "Avalon Pilot" will be operational within Placentia Bay by late June, with the second vessel, "Atlantic Pilot", operational later in 2007.

These vessels feature a hull design by Camarc Ltd of the United Kingdom, with the remaining design work completed by Lengkeek Vessel Engineering (LVE) of Dartmouth, NS. The construction is by the A.F. Theriault & Sons Ltd, a shipyard located in Meteghan River, NS. Each vessel is being built to Lloyd's Classification Standards, with the project management undertaken by LVE.

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