About the APA

Mission, Vision, Values, & Objectives

Atlantic Pilotage Authority - Cruise Ship


To deliver safe, effective and self-sustaining marine pilotage services in Atlantic Canada.


The Vision of the Atlantic Pilotage Authority is to be a respected leader in marine pilotage safeguarding people, property and the environment.

To achieve the vision, the Authority must demonstrate:

  • An industry-leading safety record
  • Operational efficiency where customers receive tangible value for the tariff they pay
  • Marine expertise where APA pilots are viewed as leaders in the field of marine navigation and safety
  • A self-sustaining business model that allows the Authority to provide services and be financially self-sufficient



The Authority will emphasize safety over any competing goals or pressures to ensure the protection of people and safeguarding of property.


The Authority will strive to protect and conserve the natural environment and local communities.


The Authority is dedicated to being a trusted partner in providing effective and efficient marine pilotage services and expertise in marine navigation.


The Authority will build and maintain long-term respectful relationships with employees, customers, contractors, and suppliers.


The Authority will be accountable to the Federal Government, the public, and to its customers for actions taken and the results of its operations.


The Authority's corporate objectives are the following:

1. To deliver safe and effective marine pilotage services in Atlantic Canada.

2. To maintain financial self-sufficiency by exercising effective cost management and establishing tariffs that are fair and reasonable.

3. To provide a reliable and self-sustaining service by safeguarding the Authority's people and assets while planning for succession and asset replacement.

4. To assume a leadership role in marine navigation by providing an expertise in navigational safety and marine operations.

5. To contribute to the Federal government's environmental, social, and economic policies as they apply to the marine industry in Atlantic Canada.